illumination Physics

Light & Building 2020 & Luminale 2020

The world’s largest lighting expo is held every second year in March in Frankfurt is called Light & Building and it will be held in March 2020.

Illumination Physics has chosen to partner with Luminale, the Light Art and Urban Design Festival which runs in conjunction with Light & Building.

Both owners of Illumination Physics, Peter Kemp and Simon McCartney will attend Light and Building together with Martin Opolka, IP’s Europe manager
(see below for contact details).

Light & Building is more than an exhibition. The expo draws our customers and colleagues from around the world making it such a valuable focus. We will be using the opportunity for face to face meetings and in addition, Simon McCartney will be speaking in the Luminale presentation program on 13th of March at 5.15pm to 6.15pm, on the following topic (see below for details)

‘Iconic Cities’


illumination Physics is proud to be one of the sponsors supporting the installation titled ‘Bluespace’. ‘Bluespace’ incorporates eight lamp poles which are equipped with UV lamps. Students apply UV-reflecting powder on the street and as vehicles and pedestrians travel over it, they create an artistic image which changes throughout the evening.

‘Bluespace’ runs from Thursday the 12th of March to Sunday the 15th of March 2020, from 6pm – 10:30pm. The blue lights dance for 10 minutes every half an hour.



Light   : Wolfgang Rang, Atelier Rang, Frankfurt
Sound : Jan JacobHofmann, SonicArchitecture, Frankfurt  
Dance : Laurin Thomas & Ida Kaufmann, Co-Op Dance Company, Frankfurt



  • City of Frankfurt
  • SRM Street Lighting Rhein - Main GmbH
  • Musikfonds Berlin
  • illumination Physics Pty Ltd, Hong Kong
  • AVMS, Frankfurt

As part of Light and Building illumination Physics Co-founder Simon McCartney will be presenting


Date: March 13th at 5:15-6:15pm



The skyline of a city significantly shapes its image.

As icons, skyscrapers form the unmistakable silhouettes of the Sky Scraper Cities. In many places, skylines have become tourist attractions, as in Hong Kong, where thousands of people watch the Symphony of Lights every evening. 45 buildings are integrated into the 20-minute spectacle. Advertising clips and films of gigantic size run across the facades. The light show revolutionized the development of media facades worldwide. Today, new lighting technology is integrated directly into the buildings - huge media facades become monitors and fascinating eye-catchers, are in constant metamorphosis and create new light spaces. Architecture becomes a playing field for digitalization.

Where is this development leading? Do we expect large-scale advertising campaigns on the envelopes of the buildings? What does a sustainable and responsible use of this technology look like?

Simon Mc Cartney is a lighting designer based in Hong Kong. He specializes in the development of large-format light and sound shows – temporary and permanent.

Since 2006 Simon Mc Cartney has been managing illumination Physics with his partner Peter Kemp, developing faced lighting that integrates seamlessly into the architecture.

Peter Kemp and Simon McCartney, the partners of the illumination Physics group of companies worldwide, alongside illumination Physics’s European Manager Martin Opolka will be attending Light & Building and are available for meetings from 11.3.20 to the 14.3.20 and nightly at Luminale from the 12th of March – 15th of March for ‘Bluespace’.


Contact Peter Kemp at or +61 425 795 920 to arrange a meeting or Martin Opolka at +49 421 17421689 or