illumination Physics

The Dotted Line

One of the first products developed by illumination Physics a decade ago was the humbly named but incredibly useful ‘IP DOT’. The ability to integrate a LED powered direct view pixel into the façade of a building paved the way for the creation of visual highlights and media walls.

The façade of a tall building is hazardous environment, not least because of the meteorology, but because of the possibility of damage during installation and the physical impact that can occur during façade maintenance and cleaning.  IP DOTs are very robust and an IK rating of 10 - the maximum on that scale of impacts, is considered the minimum by illumination Physics.

Hence, the line of DOT products have all been individual in some or many ways to suit every new build or retrofit application.

The most remarkable connecting feature of all of the DOTs we have created over the years is that they were all designed for perfect purpose and integration. As no two buildings and situations are ever the same, every DOT product has been different, perfectly designed for the project it was intended for.

Every illumination Physics product is designed specifically for the environmental application for which it was created. Brightness is often a performance metric that is abused in the marketing of ‘pixel’ style LED products. If daylight visibility is required for an IP Dot product, we will engineer it accordingly.  

Conversely, if the application is to be part of a nightscape, illumination Physics will match the lumen output accordingly and minimise the energy use responsibly, achieving the best LED outcome.

Why get something almost right, when with a little effort, it can be made perfectly.