A Different Prism

Crystal Clear

Chandeliers have always evolved. Each evolution is born out of the act looking at the previous iteration, but in a different way. The concept has been so transformed by contemporary technology that the collective noun seems insufficient given the derivatives allowed by CNC machining, moulding and the depth of manufacturing and illumination techniques at our disposal.

A recent project has led us to another evolution in suspended and illuminated lighting products we call “IP Prism”.

Illumination Physics has created a classic crystal shaped prism with an LED light source hidden inside it.

The Crystals vary in dimensions - up to 200mm tall and 120mm in girth.
Other dimensions can be chosen.
They can be illuminated or not.

For an agile illumination Physics, this is almost as much fun as our designers could have. Our experience in producing solid lenses for direct-view luminaires from PMMA billet had given us all the experience we needed.

Crystal glass has good optical qualities but it is heavy and brittle and the cost of custom fabrication for a small quantity is very high.

PMMA (Poly methyl methacrylate), on the other hand is a user friendly material that we have used for a decade. Optically at least as pure as crystal glass, it is lighter, malleable and can be shaped from billet by CNC machining (computer numerical control).

IP News cover image V3

A decade of experience in designing PMMA LED luminaires allowed us to quickly produce the initial three different IP Prism products.

The design of the LED illuminator determined the minimum dimension of the aluminum lamp holder that holds the crystal, provides a heat sink for the LED and holds the suspension cable. The minimum diameter must be approximately 28mm and the height 65mm.

The result is a new way of approaching decorative lighting with products that can be customised according to the designers wish; there can be many different prisms.

The light source can be 3 to 4 watts and in various colour configurations.

Single colour white with colour temperatures of 2200, 2700, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 Kelvin.

RGB or RGBW or any single colour.

The way forward is crystal clear.