illumination Physics

Circular Themes 

UCI Luxe – Cinema, Mercedes Platz - Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany

The roll-out of the new brand of luxury cinema experience venues continues following the launch of UCI Luxe at Potsdam.
‘UCI Luxe’ at Mercedes Platz brings the signature luxury brand to Berlin.

It is not just the comfortable leather reclinable seats and high-quality media that comprise the UCI Luxe product: the entire Cineplex is part of a total brand experience,
and the interior design and lighting provide a strong sense of arrival and expectation.


A crucial part of this was decorative illumination, and UCI had engaged the renowned lighting design office of Kardoff Engineers in Berlin to develop a lighting solution for the Potsdam venue and now Berlin. This is the second venue in which illumination Physics has provided the decorative lighting.

The layout and dimensions at UCI Luxe are quite different from the Potsdam venue. In Berlin, the suspended feature would occupy a prominent high ceiling space at the head of an escalator well. Since this part of the lobby is fully glazed, the light cloud is also prominently visible from outside the venue.


The feature comprises 80 internally illuminated spheres suspended from the ceiling at different heights and in a seemingly randomised pattern to create the 3D illusion required.

Each sphere is individually controllable for colour and intensity; according to Jan Wichert, the cloud of spheres
should be used to create different emotional lighting scenes.


The Kardoff design specified that the spheres would all be 200mm in diameter so that the existing illuminator need not be changed. The extremely lightweight collar would again form both the attachment point of the sphere and also the mounting for the 12 RGBW LED illuminators.

The weight of the sphere and collar was so low that the combined power and data cable was all that was required to suspend the 3-watt luminaire.
Ceiling hooks were to be placed at random distances from the central mounting node.

The suspended circular themed sphere concept has become a fully developed illumination Physics product that can be adapted and applied to any venue as a decorative attraction. 


After completion of the installation, which was carried out by an installer commissioned by the customer and accompanied by illumination Physics in the form of a Supervision of Installation, the programming was carried out by illumination Physics in co-ordination with the lighting design office and according to customer requirements.