illumination Physics

E-books from illumination Physics

We are pleased to announce the publication and release of two new digital books.
These are available to download from our website, see the link in the menu section of our website.


The Physics of illumination’ is an in depth explanation of our project specific philosophy: We will design and manufacture products specifically for any given project whenever there is a benefit in doing so.

The book charts the history of Illumination Physics from its roots in the LED revolution. We take aim at industry norms and make our case for a better way. We back up out assertions by studying four very different projects, chosen not for their size but for the interesting challenges and how they were overcome.


Built-in design’ is a pictorial account of our recent and most topical projects.

These are used to explain who we are, how we think about the creation of our new products and the services we provide. The projects include the illumination of both longstanding architectural landmarks as well as landmarks newly created.

The ‘Projects’ section includes a variety of projects, some large, some chosen for interest.

It is our hope that these publications are stimulating to any lighting industry professional, Architect or building owner contemplating a new lighting project.