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Suspended Animation

In the eighteenth century gas lights were used but the most significant evolution was created by the advent of the incandescent electric light bulb in the late 1880s.

For a long time the development of the chandelier was barely perceptible – until the commercialisation of the LED and the availability of practical digital control of kinetic movement. The effect is like a chain reaction. The nature of the so-called chandelier is now vastly broader, now encompassing a broad range of eclectic ceiling installed decorative features that emit light.

The Arberger Mill

The Arberger Mühle foundation village is located in the middle of the old town of Arbergens near Bremen in Germany. It was built in 1803 and is a Dutch mill set in impressive grounds. It is the oldest preserved mill in Germany, and has been a heritage listed building since 1973.

As part of the extensive renovation of the mill, we were asked by the owner whether we wanted to participate in the development and implementation of a lighting concept for the outer facade of the mill.


Starworld Macau

  StarWorld Macau VIP Upgrades – The Diamond Light illumination Physics was able to make a valuable contribution to the refurbishment of one of Macau’s most successful post-hand-over properties -...

The Inverted Forest – News Article

The Inverted Forest Illumination Physics is famous for integrated façade lighting, however that is not all we do. A recent project in Cyprus shows a different side of our activities,...

A Sky of Diamonds

A Sky of Diamonds We have enjoyed a creative relationship with Shop 12 Design in Las Vegas and Steelman Partners. The result has been some highly original work such as the...

iP Stealth

iP Stealth As an industry, we are fascinated by the performance of our new luminaires and are driven to improve their brightness, colour and efficiency. These are ‘night-time pursuits’ and...

The (not so) Humble Downlight

  The (not so) Humble Downlight A new luminaire family? Only if we can do it better. illumination Physics is noted for integrated façade lighting. A genre of specialised lighting that...

Luminaire Design as architecture

Luminaire Design as Architecture Think differently. Integrated façade lighting should not be dictated by the availability of standard products. Think specifically. Integrated façade lighting should be a specific design response...

Light Pollution, Media Walls and the LED ‘Dot’

  Light Pollution, Media Walls and the LED 'Dot' illumination Physics has been a pioneer in the design of LED pixels and dots as well as linear direct view luminaires...

Simon McCartney on HSBC Façade

Simon McCartney on HSBC Façade    In 2015, Simon McCartney (iP Co-Founder and Director of Design) was interviewed about the Digital Makeover of HSBC’s Headquarters in Hong Kong.  illumination Physics was...

Did you know illumination Physics is on LinkedIn?

Did you know illumination Physics is on LinkedIn? We are delighted to announce that illumination Physics is on LinkedIn. Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to receive...

The Dotted Line

The Dotted Line One of the first products developed by illumination Physics a decade ago was the humbly named but incredibly useful ‘IP DOT’. The ability to integrate a LED...

The illumination of Studio City Macau

The illumination of Studio City Macau Hollywood in Macau   Studio City Macau is an outstanding Hollywood-themed resort which offers what is an unprecedented cinematic inspired entertainment and leisure experience...

Media Wall Content Management

Media Wall Content Management The display content for media walls must be created mindful of the specific characteristics of the media wall on which it will be replayed. There are...

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