Remote Installations

Doing business in a pandemic requires an innovative approach – one that may remain popular even after we defeat the virus.

COVID-19 has changed the way we conduct our installation work in countries that do not have an illumination Physics project office.

Because of the level of specialisation, it is normal for us to send a team to a new project site to perform the testing and commissioning of the lighting system and the creation of content for display.

We recently completed two projects – one in Canada and the other in the PRC – where it was impossible for us to physically attend sites.
Our international network of specialist contractors and our ability to provide technical services remotely was key to the solution.


This project required the installation of a media wall containing 5000 RGBW pixels in the façade of a high-end retail flagship store. The façade was panelised and the pre-assembly of the aluminium back panels and the strings of IP Data Pixel 6 media pixel was to take place in the façade contractor’s factory in the PRC. Under normal circumstances, our Hong Kong office-based project engineer would attend the factory to direct the installation and testing and compile the QC documentation.

However, worldwide border closures prohibited travel.

We solved this issue by tasking a local technician from our PRC network and providing highly detailed instructions. We simultaneously engaged a higher level of collaboration with our client – pulling together during a global pandemic requires a new level of cooperation.

We recently completed a complex project for a tower being built in the USA involving 100,000 IP Data Pixel 6 units integrated into a curtain wall structure. Our equipment was installed in a façade factory in Asia, so we had already devised a system for remote supervision and quality control that simply needed to be translated.


The pre-assembly phase was conducted without delay and we were able to replicate the same detailed documentation.

Coupled with remote support from our Hong Kong and Melbourne offices, we tasked a local Canadian associate technician for on-site supervision and testing using a detailed step-by-step manual for the installation of the panels complete with our LED modules.


We required a powerful control system based around a media server and a scheduler. The output of the control system is ArtNet, which would be distributed by a network of our design. The ArtNet signal would talk to the illumination Physics Driver 8 (ArtNet to SPI format drivers), supporting 176 universes, in this case.

Given that our specialist lighting control manager could not physically attend, we decided to streamline the project by assembling the entire control system, with all peripherals, in its own IT rack and perform T & C in our Melbourne office before shipping the complete unit to Canada. This greatly reduced the amount of technical work on-site. Once installed, our local technician connected the control system to the internet. We implemented all further configuration and last-minute client requests via remote control.

Key to the success of this remote project management was a higher level of detailed planning and design.

Wherever possible, decisions were made and documented in drawings, manuals and instructions, well in advance.



Illumination Physics has built an extensive network in the PRC over the last 20 years.

COVID-19 was an existing problem when planning this innovative high-end retail installation. Unlike the Canadian project, we knew in advance that neither our client’s European project managers nor our Hong Kong based team could physically attend. The project included a highly complex multimedia installation involving a custom-designed chandelier with kinetic control and internally illuminated features.

Delivery was simple; assembly seemingly posed a challenge.

But this was no problem for the skilled illumination Physics team.

We can source a technical installation team in any PRC city. As before, detailed preparation and extensive instructions were provided to an experienced team leader.

We quickly solved all site-related issues with regular video conferencing.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the project was completed faultlessly and on time.

America centric world map with magnified China map. Green polygonal world map.

Travel restrictions have changed the management of technical projects.
The emphasis on planning, detailed instructions, communication and the use of networks has proven that we can continue to deliver perfect projects.

The beginning and end are the same.
The journey in between has been transformed.