Landmark East

102 How Ming Street - Hong Kong


The redevelopment of this site marks the beginning of a major trend in property use in this old industrial sector of Hong Kong. Aging concrete warehouses have been demolished to make way for the two towers that live up to their name, forming the most significant landmark architecture in the eastern half of the Kowloon peninsula.


Client, Begin Land Development, commissioned renowned design architects Arquitectonica to create the two striking towers with their matching yet different offset lattice design for the southern facades. As the buildings signature feature, the lattice was to be illuminated with a matrix of direct view LED strips that would vary in length depending on their height on the building. The intent of the lighting design by Isometrix was to create an effect that resembled falling rain.


At the crown of the building a more intense direct view lighting effect was required, as with the LED on the main facade, direct view LED would be mounted into the mullions.


It had been decided that although intelligent digital control of all of the fixtures was required, but colour changing was not, all of the LED would be cool white.


The design eventually entailed 615 fixtures on the main facades in 1200, 600 and 300mm lengths, longest at the top. Above the facade the crown effect would follow the vertical trend of lengthening strips with a layer of 2 metre illuminated strips and finally a layer of 3 metre strips. The crown effect was required to be much brighter and was made up of 630 one metre fixtures in the installation.


The technical design for the lighting entailed some challenges. For the facade, a very slim light fixture would be required as the ‘nose’ of the mullion was finely tapered. Illumination Physics already produced a product with a suitable profile –‘IP Curtain’, and a new version was developed in the custom lengths with all white LEDs. IP Curtain white is connected in series and because of this and the long cable length capability, it was possible to place the drivers (power and data) at either roof level or plant room levels. This was an excellent result for maintenance as it avoided all of the tenanted areas.

For the Crown Effect, illumination Physics Linear 1000 was selected. This product has ample heat sinking ability to cope with the 3 watt Cree LEDs and yet has a very slim profile to suit the mounting method in the vertical mullions.

Intelligent control  of each individual fixture is achieved using the graphic interface control system provided in illumination Physics IPX Software. 


  • IP Curtain White
  • IP Linear 1000