Marina Bay Sands


1,012 Wash 36 RGBA LED fixtures brilliantly illuminate this iconic hotel 


The creation of the Marina Bay Sands by Las Vegas pioneer Sheldon Adelson has raised the bar for all casino resorts that will follow. Until recently the world’s largest building site, it has now become the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at a cost of SGD$8 Billion.

Designed by Moshe Safdie Architects the three iconic hotel towers, joined at their summit by the unique SkyPark, overlook the wave-like roofs of the podium buildings of the MICE, Casino and Theater structures that front Marina Bay itself.

The view of the Integrated Resort from Singapore’s CBD is an extraordinary and uninterrupted panorama set against a backdrop of clear sky.


The lighting of these edifices was crucial.

Laservision Mega Media won the responsibility of supplying lighting solutions for some of the most significant facets of the site in parallel with their ongoing work of creating the signature multimedia night time spectacular for the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.

A gruelling technical evaluation ensued with many mock-ups and comparative demonstrations for the concave roofs of the three podium buildings.

Illumination Physics was pitted against several able competitors from major European LED brands.

After 6 weeks of evaluation, the Illumination Physics Wash 36 was chosen as the best fixture for the task. A number of factors were decisive:

Performance – the thirty six REBEL LEDs have a high light output driven at approximately 2 watts, but at that load remain well within their operating limits and tolerance of heat, for long life and reliability.
The RGBA configuration allows for subtle manipulation of pastel colours and critically, a true warm white.
The Phosphor Enhanced amber LED has an exceptional light output that allows the RGBA version of the Wash 36 to excel in a way that amber mix colour changes have not been able to achieve before.
The AC version of the Wash 36 is highly efficient to install and maintain.
Compact dimensions for aesthetics.
Warranty and support.
Value for money.


A total of 1,012 Wash 36 fixtures has been delivered to the project for the MICE, Casino and Theatre roofs.

The MICE and Casino buildings were completed in time for the grand opening in July 2010 and the Illumination Physics light fixtures featured prominently in the show. Since the grand opening, the lights have been on display every night as part of a spectacular light show. They have also featured prominently on special occasions such as Singapore’s National Day celebrations as well as the Singapore Grand Prix. The special lighting for these events was orchestrated by Laservision on behalf of the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.



  • 1012 x illumination Physics Wash
  • 36 x RGBA LED fixtures
  • DMX distribution illumination Physics
  • DD6 WM Pro DMX splitters