Integrated LED façade lighting designed to withstand operating temperatures of 75 degrees Celsius!


The Sheraton Dubai is an upscale hotel which is tailored toward providing high quality services and facilities for both business and leisure clientele.

   Strategically located in the heart of New Dubai, the hotel rises proudly above the bustling metropolis and showcases a seamless blend of contemporary French elegance with Middle Eastern hospitality.

The main architectural lighting aspect is a striking glass feature wall at the core of the building. This design, which was prepared by NORR Group Consultants and Light Touch PLD, called for a matrix of ultra-bright LED pixels which were to be mounted in the curved façade of the feature wall. 


Illumination Physics created a custom version of the popular ‘SPECK’ - a compact high powered LED fixture designed for insertion into curtain wall panels. 


To function in the harsh Middle Eastern climate, the Sheraton SPECK was designed to withstand non-operating temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius and operating temperatures of 75 degrees Celsius, making the SPECK extremely robust. Six Rebel LEDs were used (RGB), driven at 350 milliamps.


The SPECK series of products incorporate domed lenses that provide high visibility even from shallow viewing angles. 


Ninety pieces were used spread over 18 storeys. Illumination Physics provided all of the control equipment and drivers.

The display is controlled using Illumination Physics X-Soft, a graphic interface PC based product. This project has been operating for more than 8 years and has been faultless, which is a true testimonial to Illumination Physics gulf spec.


  • 90 x Illumination Physics custom specks
  • 18 x Illumination Physics HP led drivers
  • 3 x DD4 dmx splitters
  • 1 x Xnet8 ethernet/DMX converter
  • 1 x PC with Illumination Physics X-soft software