Mission Statement

We are an agile designer and manufacturer. Our mission is to put our unique skills and abilities to work by providing the perfect technical product solution as opposed to using ‘off the shelf’ options. We aim to provide seamless complete packages of products and services including control systems.

The Company

illumination Physics is a designer and manufacturer of specialist LED lighting equipment aimed primarily at the architectural and themed entertainment market. We are project orientated. We design specifically for the precise circumstances of each building and design intention. We are experts in façade lighting integration and industry leaders in building envelope design and construction.

Bespoke light fixtures are pervasive within any illumination Physics lighting solution.

We are atypical in the lighting business in that we can provide a complete suite of services as required – Design, Manufacturing, Delivery, Installation, Testing & Commissioning. We can also provide content creation for animated displays and media walls.

illumination Physics has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and Europe, and representatives in UAE, Indonesia, India, Cyprus and Greece.


Environmental Issues

It is widely understood that LEDs are more efficient than the generations of light sources that preceded them. This simple fact is not a total answer to energy conservation, LEDs are used in such large quantities on high profile projects that significant amounts of energy are consumed despite the high efficacy of the light emitting diode. illumination Physics is committed to creating lighting deigns that minimise their energy consumption whilst providing an optimal visual outcome. In manufacturing we adhere to the principals of ROHS ensuring the use of environmentally safe and recyclable materials.