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Taking Aim

The initial problems with inground up-lights were many.

Even the best of the earlier iterations was burdened with numerous issues all related to the laws of physics and the objective of burying a powerful up light in the ground, or hard landscape.

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Christmas Holiday Hours

As the New Year approaches, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas as well as health and prosperity in 2022.
Photo: Key Lime Photography Las Vegas

Signage for Circa Las Vegas

Situated on the corner of Freemont Street and Main Street in Las Vegas stands the first brand-new downtown casino resort built since 1980. Naturally, it has every modern advantage, yet the architectural design celebrates the history and style of the precinct.

Photo by: Key Lime Photography

Circa Las Vegas

Circa Las Vegas, Nevada Circa is the new magnet, designed to draw patronage to Downtown Las Vegas – built anew but also deliberately reminiscent of the retro style neon and...

A different prism

A Different Prism Crystal Clear Chandeliers have always evolved. Each evolution is born out of the act looking at the previous iteration, but in a different way. The concept has...

Crown Sydney

Crown Jewel, Sydney Crown Sydney is set to become the city’s premier destination for guests seeking to stay, play and indulge in a world-class venue that sets new heights for...

The Orbit Shortlisted

The Orbit has been shortlisted for a (d)arc award! We are pleased to announce that the outstanding façade lighting of The Orbit has been Shortlisted for ‘BEST EXTERIOR LIGHTING SCHEME...

Remote Installations

Remote Installations Doing business in a pandemic requires an innovative approach – one that may remain popular even after we defeat the virus. COVID-19 has changed the way we conduct...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Illumination Physics As the New Year approaches, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas as well as health and prosperity in 2020. We thank...

The Orbit Facade

The Orbit Facade Noval Property commissioned Lianou Chalvatzis Architects and Vikelas Architects to create the epitome of a modern sustainable office complex. This striking clean organic design has 9 floors...


Rhythms The use of virtual diurnal daylight – A new lighting system for large internal venue lighting. The combination of warm white and cold white LEDs to produce variable colour...


Suspended Animation The Evolution Of The Chandelier In its earliest form the chandelier had a simple purpose – to illuminate large indoor spaces such as churches and cathedrals using many...

The Arberger Mill

The Arberger Mill The Arberger Mühle foundation village is located in the middle of the old town of Arbergens near Bremen in Germany. It was built in 1803 and is...

What do you need urgently? COVID-19

What do you need urgently? Illumination Physics can make it for you right now. This is a grim time for people everywhere.  Fortunately, our now virtual offices in Melbourne, Hong...

Circular Themes

Circular Themes  UCI Luxe – Cinema, Mercedes Platz - Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany The roll-out of the new brand of luxury cinema experience venues continues following the launch of...

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