Content Management

The display content for media walls must be created mindful of the specific characteristics of the media wall on which it will be replayed. There are no standards for media walls and the content must be manipulated and optimised. Media walls do not respond like print, TV or traditional outdoor media.

For HSBC’s Main Building in Hong Kong, Illumination Physics designed, manufactured and installed a unique product. In a city where animated displays are ubiquitous, the HSBC project has three media walls that are combined into one massive display, the largest in Hong Kong.

The content and the way it exploits the media wall is the key to success. The proportion of the graphics, the use of size, the resolution, movement and contrast in the video content all determine the effectiveness of the display. There may be several audiences each looking on from significantly different distances as is the case with the HSBC main building project. Managing the content so that it serves each audience is different to other traditional media.

Illumination Physics create content in-house and provide guidance to other content creators, advertising agencies and corporate communications departments. We help optimise the content to suit all media walls and viewing distances.

We have used this technology to great effect at Studio City Macau. Working with Melco-Crown creative director Geoff Benham, Illumination Physics created a library of lighting scenes that were synchronised with related content for the media walls. The ideas were developed and honed through simulations and then tested on the building itself.

Content management is creative, technical and administrative; all three attributes are crucial to the success of the project. The possibilities are infinite and Illumination Physics have the technology to endlessly modify the content produced on their media screens.

Design Assistance

The advent of integrated façade lighting has added a new level of complication for the designer. Illumination Physics has the experience and the resources to be able to assist clients with details of any design no matter how complicated. Our knowledge of façade and lighting engineering enables us to take an envisioned concept and develop it into a practical solution. When required we help with the control system design and schematic drawings as well as developed specifications.

Applications and Solutions

Conceiving of an innovative product application or creating a novel specification can be a daunting task, particularly so given the pace of change in the use of ‘Active Light’ and LEDs. Illumination Physics recognizes that the perfect application will require a view of the future in most cases. Given that a new building project may take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to complete, it is better to anticipate and envision what will be technically possible at the time of installation rather than rely upon existing products which will be superseded during the building process. As illumination Physics researches and develops its own offerings, the company is in a unique position to assist its customers in forward planning for technology evolution.

Building Type Analysis

Every building will present a unique challenge for the lighting designer, regardless of whether the edifice is of new construction or an existing retrofit. illumination Physics uses its extensive experience to provide feasibility analysis to designers and building owners to determine the possible lighting treatments, for now and in the near future.

We are the specialists in customised lighting to suit your design needs.