illumination Physics

Light·Space·Design Summit 2019

illumination Physics is excited to announce that we are an Associate Sponsor of the Light·Space·Design Summit 2019.
The summit will bring together leaders in the industry and explore how to navigate the rapidly developing industry.

Simon McCartney will be speaking at Light·Space·Design Summit 2019 on the 27th of March in Melbourne, Australia!

Simon will be presenting his topic "The Challenges and Opportunities of Contemporary Façade Lighting - Integrating Inspiration" at 12:10-12:30pm.


The Challenges and Opportunities of Contemporary Façade Lighting - Integrating Inspiration 

  • Looking to the future – total integration with the architecture
  • Releasing Designers from constraints
  • Looking at the past to predict the future
  • Exploring past illumination projects in short Case Studies:
    • Case Study on Shapes - not having to design the building around a light fixture
    • Case Study on the Illuminated Outcome – a new approach in luminaire design
    • Case Study on Heat Management – meeting the environmental challenges 
    • Case Study on Façade Integration and Value Engineering
    • Case Study on Elegance and Efficiency
    • Case Study on Curved Media

Simon will also be moderating the panel "Achieving Cohesion Between Light, Space and Design: Effective Collaboration Between Design Professionals" at 11:30am-12:10pm.

Peter Kemp & Simon McCartney will be attending the summit.

The summit will be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and network.
To organise a meeting please email