The Centre of Attention

Situated on the south eastern coast of Cyprus, Ayia Napa Marina offers a unique lifestyle & experience. From luxurious residences & world-class yachting facilities to waterfront dining options. A residential tower offers 1-6 bedroom apartments. The resort surrounds a modern marina which has 600 berths. The architects – Smithgroup, have created a premier resort destination for the owner, M.M. Makronisos Marina Ltd. At the heart of the 98 acre resort, built on its own jetty, completely immersed in the marina environment, lies the focus of attention; the Event Centre.


Photo by: Ayia Napa Marina


Photo by: Ayia Napa Marina

This elliptical and organically conical glass and metal building is a destination venue and one-of-a-kind architectural marvel in Cyprus, designed for spacious open-air or indoor events. Its eye-catching exterior vertical sunshades create a layered and visually elaborate experience during the day and are transformed into a glowing icon at night.

Cypriot lighting designers Archtube conceived of a dynamic RGBW lighting plot that bring the Event Centre to life, creating scenes and evoking different moods and reactions depending on the use of the Event Centre on a given occasion. 

The Event Centre is wrapped by a veil of vertical sun shade fins in 5 levels, each inclined progressively and slightly differently. There are 148 fins on each level. The lighting design intention was to illuminate a pair of fins by placing a single light fixture between them at the base of each level; requiring 740 light fixtures in total.

Numerous Luminaires were modeled and tested but the design of the light fixture settled on a customised version of the smallest of the Illumination Physics Circular Wash Light series.

Of the 740 light fixture locations, 500 of them were typical. However in the other 240 locations, other special types of brackets were required due to clashes with other structures on the ring beams such as flanges and supporting brackets. All of the brackets and light fixtures were fabricated from marine grade aluminium and 316 stainless steel. The marine grade finishes were customised to meet the same RAL colour of the Event Centre structure.

Photo by: Ayia Napa Marina

The Event Centre was built during the height of COVID 19. Normal regular site visits were not possible. This meant that our step-by-step installation documentation had to be very precise. Our instructions set out in 3D drawings and annotations, exactly how to install, adjust and aim the light fixtures so that there could be no doubt. Great teamwork with the client and their local contractor resulted in a smooth installation of the hardware.

Great architecture deserves to be celebrated at night, but the lighting of The Ayia Napa Marina Event Centre does more than that. It can convey emotion and mood, a sense of purpose – simply it commands to be the centre of attention. 


Photo by: Ayia Napa Marina