Tiffany Central

Hong Kong

Illumination Physics has participated in the dramatic refurbishment of Tiffany and Co.’s flagship store in the heart of Hong Kong’s CBD. Two years in the making, the new face of the store measures 250m2 and is comprised of a complex multi-layer glass and metal façade which is both internally and externally illuminated.


When considering the refurbishment of the Tiffany & Co. Landmark store, many objectives needed to be considered and innovative design needs met. The trend towards large illuminated façades was already very evident if not pervasive in this part of the CBD. The most pressing design issue was how to meet that retailer’s expectation of ‘spectacle’ whilst preserving all that is precious and synonymous when one reflects upon the Tiffany brand. 


The solution was as elegant as it was immediately and universally recognisable.


A small gift box, coloured in that unique blue, tied with a ribbon. No need for any other label. The quintessential ‘little blue box’ is a Tiffany icon and epitomizes quality, craftsmanship and luxury.


Working with the façade contractor MBM Metalworks in Hong Kong, Illumination Physics developed a custom lighting system that illuminates the interlayers behind the glass and perforated panels of the structure, creating a luminous glow in the legendary ‘Tiffany Blue’.

250m2 of intricate glass and metal layers lit by 326 pieces of IP’s SHP Slim cool white LED’s.


The Illumination Physics lighting system is designed to withstand high operating temperatures common in this genre of sealed cavity retail facades. The high power linear LED fixtures were taken from the Illumination Physics ‘Gulf Specification’ catalogue of high temperature-resistant light fixtures.

And so the façade for the store in Central is a metaphor celebrating this icon. The ribbon is there too; now a kinetic ribbon covered with tiny moving tiles that shimmer in a passing breeze.


  • 233 x Linear Vario custom 900mm 24 led/m 10x40 degrees
  • 33 x Linear Vario custom 800mm 24 led/m 10x40 degrees
  • 68 x Linear Vario custom 660mm 24 led/m 10x40 degrees
  • 111 x HP led driver 48VDC
  • 310 metres of 6500K led tape
  • 62 x power supplies
  • 62 x single channel dimmers
  • 6 x DMX splitters
  • 1 x Cuecore DMX controller